Sunday, December 26, 2010

15mm characters?

Happy St Stephens Day one and all! I wonder if I can draw upon the creative brain that is EvE - I am looking for manufacturers of 18th century civilians and character figures. All suggestions gratefully received...
many thanks


Jiminho said...

Hi, Alan

Happy St. Stephan's...!

I'd suggest looking at Blue Moon's 15mm Pirate, FIW and AWI ranges. They have some figures I have not seen elsewhere (lots of characters especially amongst the Pirates). Here is the url:




Soldadets said...

In my opinion, a good source for such minis might be Blue Moon's 15mm Pirates and FIW ranges ( and, respectively).

I've started painting a few of them, and they don't look that bad:

(Top left and right minis are not Blue Moon, but Peter Pig instead)

Conrad Hawkwood said...

have a scroll through here..
foundry, blue moon. front rank..tradition..

Conrad Hawkwood said...

oops and now I see it is 15mm

abdul666 said...

Those Blue Moon 15mm look so good and full of character that us 28mm aficionados can only regret they don't duplicate them in 'our size....