Thursday, October 30, 2008

Someone is always the last to get the word

Landgraf Bogey tugged at his ear while reading the dispatch, then looked up at Major General Norris.

“So Monsieur le general Protz has agreed to join Feldmarschallieutenant von Blei-Sammeln? Blei-Sammeln must be getting desperate, or devious. How many others know about this?”

“Your Excellency, judging from the number of intercepted letters and newspapers my men have collected, it appears we may be the last in all Uropa to find out. And, if I may, Your Excellency, it has been announced that the, uh, “gentleman” to whom you refer is now Feldzeugmeister von Blei-Sammeln. We suspect that it has been done to help him work with General Protz.”

Feldzeugmeister Blei-Sammeln? And I suppose that the creature Stein is still his lackey?”

“I believe the Homburgers refer to Generalmajor Stein as ‘Sammeln’s Rock,’ Your Excellency.”

Bogey turned to his map. “Let’s get back to the point. So, de Broglie is defeated, here, and is retreating on Frankfurt. The Erbprinz is pursuing, but we’re closer. But Feldzeugmeister von Blei-Sammeln has somehow managed to bring his army together, here. How in the world did that idiot manage to put himself in the one place that protects Homburg, threatens Fedora, menaces the Erbprinz, and allows access to de Broglie, Chevert and Protz?!”

Norris stood silently.

Bogart looked sheepishly at his former spymaster, and still closest friend. “All right, so he beat us at Olmosbach. If he’s an idiot, I’m a dolt. Say it.”

“Your Excellency, did you note the passage on M. Protz’s escort? Although small, we expect it will be of the highest quality and not to be dismissed lightly. And may I also note that General Protz is quite renowned in the latest techniques? You yourself prescribed his regulations for your army.”

“Yes, I know all that. Who else has Feld—Blei-Sammeln—managed to bring together?”
Norris produced a sheaf of notes. “He has an impressive number of Imperial contingents, under half a dozen different generals. Courlanders under their Duke Jakov Alexandrovitch, with possibly some Saxe-Wachsensteiners. He has a pair of Saxe-Jungbach musketeer battalions—which are those excellent recruits from Eureka, by the way. The Weisspferdheimers have joined him, as well as the Gallian contingent, of course.”

“What? No Frankfurters? And our force?”

“I am happy to report that in addition to the strong Germanian force already attached to Your Excellency’s army, other Germanians from Festung Wörth are marching south parallel to an Imperial contingent, and other Germanians are coming from both east and west. Carpania has sent a brigade that should at least match the Courlanders. A Welf-Este brigade has arrived within the week, joining our Britannic corps.”


“Yes, Your Excellency. You may remember the recruits from Venture, in the Ost-Iowa country?”

“Ah, of course. Two big battalions, four squadrons of cavalry, and guns. They will help us get across this verdammt river. Just think of it: redcoats and bluecoats chasing that Blei-Sammeln all the way back to Frankfurt!”


ColCampbell50 said...

It is really fantastic that through the wonders on the Internet we are able to tie together wargames from the Great Lakes area and from Texas as well as wargamers from some many different locales.


ColCampbell50 said...

I need to read my post more closely. Should be:

"wonders of the Internet"


from so many different locales"


Martin said...

Hi Ed,

Long time no hear! No doubt you've been busy getting ready for the hordes of gamers and their hordes of miniatures that are going to descend upon Texas in the near future! I'm looking forward to seeing the after-action reports.

GENERALMAJOR Stein?! Oh my! "Horrible" Horst must have been a busy little bee for Blei-Sammln then, hasn't he? That man leaves bodies behind him like other fellows leave wine bottles!

Frankfort is close to Raubenstadt, and according to "Terrible" Heinz von Stein, too close. He has re-hired a food taster. He stays in the middle of his Freikorp's formations at all times, muttering, "He's supposed to be dead by now! They promised me he would be dead by now!" The Colonel has developed the annoying habit of suddenly turning around at odd moments to make sure no one is "sneaking up" on him.

Good Luck and have a Great Time,


Frankfurter said...

The irony is that popular opinion in Frankfurt is pro Hesse-Fedora and Hesse -Seewald; but the Gallian occupation has induced the Hurtshog to be a frantic collaborator ...
I posted a comment to the next post, but I'd painted Frankszonians to fight on both sides!