Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lady de Winter's Black Legion

Black Scorpion's 32mm Pirates and Marines figures painted in the de Winter livery of black, red and straw yellow.

The notorious Milady de Winter is noted for terrorizing the friends of Gallia throughout every nook and cranny of Europa in the 18th Century. Milady recently decided that she needed a formal looking personal retinue of bodyguards, clad in black uniforms, red facings and straw colored waistcoats and breeches. You can view her handy work in the picture above. The Black Legion Infantry are from the Black Scorpion range of Royal Marines (painted black for our purposes, rather than British crimson).

There are also times when events call for the use of more discrete behind the scenes evil doing, and for that purpose, Milady has also hired a band of cut throats from the Black Scorpion range of Pirate figures.

So the Marines represent Milady's personal body guard, while the Pirates and Privateers represent her hired thugs, brigands and naer-do-wells who serve her beck and call. Be afraid, be very afraid. For the Black Legion may be in your neighborhood soon.

for more pictures, go to my blog at (click on the link at the right of this page and be sure to click on the pix to enlarge the view.

More dastardly deeds will be recorded within these pages over the next several days. Stay tuned.


tradgardmastare said...

My goodness what a terrifying gang - make Von Trenck and friends look like kindergarten children!!

abdul666 said...

An impressive band of bloodthirsty henchmen - agents ordered to ambush Milady de Winter would have to recruit quite a number of 'local man power'!
Great to see them appearing on the 'official' Der Alte Fritz Journal: somehow the Hesse-Seewald artillerymen may have paved the way for the acknowledgement of such ahistorical warband there - and I read the Hesse-Seewald Jaeger will follow in the same vein?
What about the rumour of a Hesse-Seewald experimental war balloon?
Thanks for sharing!

abdul666 said...

PS: do you still intend to eventually recruit a proper unit of hussars for Lady de Winter's Black Legion? As I remember you already chose their uniform...