Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hesse Seewald Garde Jager Regt Formed

The Hesse Seewald Jagers attack the Irish Regiment Bulkeley in the flank at Freiberg. Another section of jagers also contest the Zimmerwald, to their right.

His Excellency, the Herzog George Ludwig has announced the addition of a battalion of Jagers to the Hesse Seewald Garde establishment. The Garde currently consists of two battalions of grenadiers, but based on the brave and outstanding performance of the Jager battalion at Fulda and Sittangbad in 1757, and again in the Zimmerwald at the recent victory at Freiberg, the Herzog has decided to promote his Jagers into his Household Garde, effective immediately.

Henceforth, the battalion of Jagers shall be named The Battalion of Garde Jagers. All marksmen who have participated in at least two campaigns are encouraged to apply for membership to this most prestigious unit in the Hesse Seewald Garde.


abdul666 said...

Why do I suspect that these excellent Hesse-Seewald Garde Jagers are characterized by their *lapels* - even if on the picture they are all set with such modesty to hide them?

Der Alte Fritz said...

Actually, the jagers with the lapels are going to be the von Kleist jager contingent that will be part of my von Kleist freikorps that I am painting right now. These are mostly Perry AWI Hessian jagers in trousers with a few Foundry Prussian jagers in the mix.