Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Letter from Courland

The following letter has been dispatched by swift courier:

TO: Lt Gen Chevert, somewhere en route across Franconia from Bohemia to Frankfurt.


I am deeply honored to be able to make available for your use in the coming campaign to repulse the heathen Germanians and their syncophantic allies from our fair domains, the contributory forces of the Duchy’s portion of the Kreis Franconian contingent. I have at my disposal, which of course means that they are at your disposal, a battalion of grenadiers composed of drafts from the Grenadier Regiments Pavlovski and Severinski; a battalion of musketeers composed of drafts from the Musketeer Regiments Ducal Liebgarde and Livlandischer Orden; a regiment of dragoons composed of drafts from the Dragoon Regiments Constantine and Mavromichalis; a battalion of Pandurs; and accompanying artillery. I myself will be leading these forces to rendezvous with your army at any place you so designate.

May I ever remain, your humble and obedient servant,

Jakov Alexandrovitch, Duke Pavlov of Courland

(these forces are for the Big Battalions in Texas game in 2 1/2 weeks.)


Herzog Ignaz said...

Up the Courlanders! Up the Courlanders!

Hip, Hip, Hurrah!

Gallia said...

Cher Jakov Alexandrovitch, Duke Pavlov of Courland,
I have the honour to receive your letter dated the 28th instant. I beg to inform you I am deeply touched by your prodigious expression of fraternity in the cause before us. We welcome your military assistance, soldiers and spirit.
We have left Eger en-route for Nüremberg. Could you rendezvous with my vedettes slightly to the north? They will lead you to my exact location as fate allows as I remain,
Votre Serviteur,
Lt. Gen. de Gallia

ColCampbell50 said...

My dear General Chevert,

Our march route through Coburg to Beyreuth should intersect your march route. My cossack scouts will be instructed to keep a sharp eye out for your vedettes.

We look forward to joining you shortly.

Pavlov, Duke of Courland