Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Secret Unit's Identity Is Revealed

Prussian CR10 Gens d'armes - all 60 of them - Crusader Miniatures from the collection of Der Alte Fritz. (click the pix to enlarge)

It can now be revealed that Hesse Seewald recently raised a new regiment of cuirassiers - CR10 Gens d'armes. This is the Secret Regiment that was subject to much speculation throughout Europa and the Empire. The regiment was kitted out at the Crusader Miniatures cavalry training school and painted over the course of 7 or 8 weeks, one squadron at a time (12 figures per week).

Not to be outdone, those Perfidious Gallians set about raising a secret regiment or regiments of their own, in response to the Hesse Seewald armament. The Gallians recruited a regiment of Gardes Suisses (60 figures - Front Rank) in time for the recent battle at Freiberg, and I hear tell that a three squadron regiment of heavy horse (cuirassiers) were also raised in Minneapolis, in the North Borders region of Gallia. Obviously the Gallians were feeling some sense of shame over this dastardly act of recruitment, because the Gardes Suisses spent the whole battle guarding the baggage camp, or something like that. They were not committed to the battle, even though they were well positioned to stop the Germanian break through in the center. The Erbprinz was perplexed by this misuse of troops, but equally as glad that he did not have to face them in this particular battle.

Meanwhile, there are reports of Gallian and Imperium troops streaming back into Frankfurt after their defeat, just miles north of the city. Perhaps the liberation of Frankfurt is at hand as the Germanian army of the Erbprinz Freidrich advances towards the city.


abdul666 said...

How beautiful and impressive!
Did Milady de Winter's 'Black Scorpions' foot henchmen receive their uniforms?

Prinz Geoffrey said...

Very nice as usual. One day I hope to support the Gallian effort with Cavenderian Troops, since we are Catholic.