Sunday, October 12, 2008

Preview of the Old School Big Battalion Game

Prussian Garde du Corps (C13) runs down the Royal Deux Ponts regiment defending the high ground near Remstadt. To their right, the Prussian Buddenbrock (C1) regiment over runs a French battery of 12-pounders. Click the picture to enlarge.

Here is a little taster showing some of the action at yesterday's Old School Big Battalion Wargame hosted by Der Alte Fritz. We had ten players pushing some 1,200 infantry and 400 cavalry per side across two 6ft by 30ft tables, running parallel with an aisle in the middle. The game commenced around 10 AM and concluded after ten turns around 7PM (inclusive of a break for lunch and afternoon snacks).

The Prussians won a hard fought, but in the end, convincing victory, having held all of their terrain points and capturing the vital high ground in the center of the table (Remstadt) that was worth 10 points, as well as Leopoldau (5 points) which was well in the rear of the French lines.

Light infantry action in der Zimmerwald in front of Leopoldau on the French left flank. Foundry and Perry Jagers take on Eureka Arquebusiers de Grassin while assorted hussars clash on the road

The action was hot from the get go, especially on the French left where the Grassins and the Prussian Jagers fought the whole game for possession of the Zimmerwald and the town of Leopoldau. The Grassins managed to hang onto the woods, but Leopoldau fell to the Prussians when the Protzdam Garde punched its way through several French battalions and held sway in that sector.

I will post more pictures on Der Alte Fritz Journal tomorrow along with a more detail after action report. In the meanwhile, here are some pictures to enjoy.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Ah, inspiring, sir. But I should mention that there are photos of an earlier 'action' currently on your blog . . . worth a look to see what took place before this 'big game'.

-- Jeff

Der Alte Fritz said...

I was looking at some of my own pictures again and it occurred to me that the Prussians captured six 12-pounders and two 8-pounders in the center of the field in the fighting around Remstadt. The Garde du Corps also captured the colors of the Royal Deux Ponts and missed taking out an Austrian cuirassier regiment on the break through, but fell short by one pip on the dice.

All in all, it was quite a day for trophies for the Prussian side.

abdul666 said...

What a marvelous sight - yes, even for a 'froggy', if of OSW ethos: compliments and thanks for sharing!

tradgardmastare said...

Excellent as ever!

Frankfurter said...

Oh dear, the Hurtshog of Frankszonia is alarmed that the rumor of horrid war is approaching his miniscule but beloved baliwick ... and those bloody Limbrugers are approaching from the other direction ... fortunately, the fortifications of our bridge over the Main are solid, so there's a good escape route ready ...
Now, which cousing should we send camping with the Hesse Seewald forces ....??