Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Celebration in Luftberg

News arrives of the recent end to the hostilities between the Electorate of Luftberg and the Kingdom of Aschenbach, which has concluded in a decisive victory for the armies of Luftberg under the Elector Ulrich. A celebratory fireworks display will be held at the palace, and all ladies & gentlemen of good repute are welcome to attend (wood engravings of the event, of similar liveliness, are available for those too distant to attend.)


abdul666 said...

Peace is *so* sweet!
Specially a victorious peace, of course... But to be long-lasting, peace must not be too bitter for the vanquished. After winning the war, you have to win the peace...

Capt Bill said...

Congratulations on a splendid victory. All Beersetein rejoices!We hope our troops played some small part in your great victory. "Well Done"...Wilhelm