Sunday, October 26, 2008

1758/2008 Summering In Germania

If this is uesful, the recent backstory involving Der Alte and myself was/is/will be:
June 1758:
Gallian Lt. Gen. Chevert marched eastwards from Frankfurt Am Main (magazine) to Bohemia. The plan was to be in Silesia in July for Historicon. It is unknown what forces Chevert took on his march.
June-July 1758:
Marshall de Broglie marched into Frankfurt Am Main replacing Cheverts Corps there. Afterwards he marched northeastwards and then north in the general direction of The Fulda Gap and Kassel.
July 1758:
Three battles at Historicon. I don't remember any more who won what. It may be that we did not merge these into our campaign since we had so many players who were learning the rules. Check Jim's blog, if needed.
August 1758:
We took the month off after the Historicon trip and three BAR games there.
11 October 1758:
The Army of Hesse-Sewald commanded by Der Erbprinz (Der Alte actually) soundly defeated de Broglie north of Frankfurt Am Main at Freiberg. De Broglie began a retreat to Frankfurt Am Main. The Erbprinz elected to pursue. De Broglie detached a corps from his Army as a rearguard to slow Der Erbprinz.
25 October 1758
The afore-mentioned detached corps under Lt. Gen. Saint Germaine stopped the Hesse-Seewald pursuit with a victory at Taberberg.
Where are these forces?
Gallian Main Army:
At Frankfurt Am Main.
Corps de Ste. Germaine:
Remains at Taberberg on the Frankfurt Strasse waiting to see if Der Erbprinz wants to bring up more units to force the way open to Frankfurt Am Main. I doubt it actually since we have no plans for this locally. Taberberg is not on real maps BTW. It is supposedly near Bergen.
Corps de Chevert?:
Hmm. Last seen in Silesia. Very likely now withdrawing back into Moravia, Bohemia and thence back to Germania. But we've not thought that far ahead.
The Future:
(God willing of course)
8 November 1758:
We are returning to Scotland to finish the storming of The Government magazine at Carmudgeon Castle.
6 December 1758:
Lady de Winter and Lady Diana Pettygree will be in Germania amidst snow, a large village, forests, ridges and hundreds of light troop forces.
If Chevert marches back through Bohemia into Germania again, he could march to Eger, the fortress in the western tip of Bohemia first. Afterwards he could enter Germania and the territories of lots of petty states marching via Bayreuth, Bamberg, Würzberg and so forth to the westward to gain Frankfurt Am Main again. In the SYW Frederick II did not get into this region much if at all. It was frequented per Duffy by The Imperial Army of little contingents from across The Empire. I do not remember this very well but Prinz Henry, Fred's brother, operated not too far away.
Cordially yours,
Bill P. (Chevert)


tradgardmastare said...

Huzzah for these dates for our diaries! I await the Scottish battle with great interest and look forward to the heroes of Tradgardland doing their stuff!
December 6th sounds a terrific idea- very seasonal and intriguing. What about adding a pack of hungry wolves and/or ski equipped villagers hostile to all comers?
Do tell us more about this wintery game.
best wishes

Der Alte Fritz said...

I like the wolf pack idea. Any suggestions on which companies make wolves. Probalby from fantasy ranges, I would imagine.

Bluebear Jeff said...


Your rundown of forces left out my favorite character . . . where is the 'Old Woman'?

-- Jeff

Herzog Ignaz said...

Still spinning by the fire, I wager.

Gallia said...

"The Old Woman", yes indeed. She is the only one who knows her whereabouts. One might wager she will appear before Lady Diana Pettygree leaves for Germania or during the umm, tour there.

Frankfurter said...

Bill and Alte F.,
The wife and I are planning a game at Ginnheim (actually a town named like that close by Frankfurt to the northwest) against the Cheesers and the Resistance ...
I'll turn this into an operation to cover your Gallian lines, as the Cheezers and the Resistance are pro-Germanian ...

Gallia said...

A very good idea Arthur! Good luck to you and your good wife.
Cordially yours,

Der Alte Fritz said...

We were wondering when the Resistance would make its presence felt, what with the Germanian army less than 20 miles north of Frankfurt right now.

Frankfurter said...

They're showing up.
There's even a delegation in the Erbprinz's camp, but they've been ignored so far ...