Friday, February 15, 2008

Somewhere Off the English Coast....

Having sailed through Tradgarland with stops only for freshest possible provisions at the main harbor on the coast, the Hesse-Engelburg squadron set sail across the English Channel, making little attempt to disguise its course. Now, the squadron is moving northwards, generally, staying a little ways off the English coast as it sails.

On board the flagship frigate, Colonel Freidrick von Heiner sits at tea with the squadron commander, and another officer in a rather ornate coat of an off-white shade, matched with blue pants and waistcoat. A nearby bench serves seating for two aides, one in civilian attire of red and gold, the other in the Hesse-Engelburg naval pattern. The squadron commander is the first to speak.

"Gentleman, a toast to Their Graces." After an appropriate pause, he clears his throat, "I had a report from the duty watch that a sail was sighted briefly on the distant horizon, but soon disappeared. Nevertheless, I thought it wise to alert you. It is possible we are being shadowed. We have no enemies in these waters, so there is relatively little concern, but it is best to remain alert. Still, my suspicion is that it is an English ship trailing us to see what our intent is."

Colonel von Heiner nods, dabbing his lips with a napkin before speaking, "Their Graces indicated they felt it likely we would be shadowed at some point on the journey. I will leave the matter in your capable hands, Captain, save to remind all that our orders are to avoid engagement unless necessary. We are a diplomatic mission, for the present."

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