Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Petiton in Offenbach

A wealthy resident of Offenbach, Master Guildsman Meine Grossbutten, petitions the Offenbach Stadt Council that it offers sureties to Frankszonia that Stagonian troops will neither be quartered nor granted passage through Tsenbukgiach (the region in which Offenbach is the primary town. This, he argues, will alleviate the irritation of Frankszonian "inspection points" which now seem to have appeared all around the region.
He notes that absolutely now legitimate Offenbach commercial operations were stopped, but some expensive delays have necessarily occurred. He also notes that Stagonian individuals, though closely questioned have not been held and that shipments of tubas to or through Stagonia have not been stopped.
Yet the presence of over 5000 Frankszonian line troops within site of the Offenbach church towers is quite perturbing to closing business deals throughout Urope.

At the same time, there are rumors that lucrative offers have been offered to key journeymen and lower masters at the Tuba Works ... in both Gallian and Imperial coin...


Fitz-Badger said...

Offenbach, as a free member of the Soweiter League does not allow quartering of foreign troops on its soil. This includes Stagonians.
Passage through the region has not been granted to any foreign troops and any such incursions will be viewed as invasions. Prior consent for any passage by any foreign army requires ratification by the League council.

Offenbach reserves the right to conduct normal commercial trade with any and all nations with which it is not currently in a state of war.

As to rumors of offers of con, the citizens of Offenbach are proud of their independence so we believe such rumors are unfounded and baseless.

It is a well-known fact that the League participated in the recent defense of Tippelbruder against attack by the armies of the vile Stagonian King.

The League would be pleased to exchange ambassadors with Frankzonia to further improve communication and friendship between our two nations.

Frankfurter said...

Frankszonia is most honored and pleased to hear this response from the Soweiter League. AS a trading and manufacturing center, Frankszonia has been most favorably inclined to the Soweiter League since its inception.

Our Offenbach difficulty lay in the fact that Frankszonia had already acquired a recognized zone of interest in the Tsenbukgiach area of the Duchy of Hanau in which Offenbach lies upon that Duchy's absorption into the later incarnations as Hesse-Fedora and Hesse-Homburg. Indeed, our engineers had already begun considering various means to render Offenbach more secure when the Soweiter League emerged.

Frankszonia had not pressed any claim at all as soon as Offenbach was revealed as a member of the Soweiter League, and still does not wish to press any claim which would materially diminish the status, let alone the prosperity of any member of the League!

Unfortunately, the ultimatum by Stagonia presented the real danger that a Stagonian move would create a base literally on our doorstep. This, Frankszonia cannot permit ... but even so has no desire to reduce the independence and prosperity of such an obvious trading partner!!!

The Hursthog will delegate a suitable ambassador as soon as the court Herald, FreiHerr Arthur, presents a sufficiently ranked candidate!

May there be a vital and prosperous friendship between our two states!

We must clarify a particular situation. Due to the dominance of Frankszonian resources by Gallia at the current time, the Hurtshog and the Frankfurter Bundt are extremely interested in developing an integral facility for the production of ordinance. Though we have access to the raw materials and resources, our own factories are more dedicated to consumable goods.

Knowing the quality of the Offenbach craftsmen at the Tuba works, and feeling that they are insecurely exposed to expropriation by an hostile power, the Hurtshog was hoping to employ some your very skilled personnel in this project rather than seeking among strangers.

Since the Imperium has recently begun a subsidy program to contributory powers of the Reichsarmie, we felt that this would be an appropriate expenditure.

Obviously,such a project would increase the prosperity and security of both our peoples.
Furthermore, we have already secured the services of a promising Master engineer currently in the employ of the Wieners, a Frenchman, Mnsr. Grabaveil, to improve the design and quality of our arsenal.

Would you care to join us in this enterprise?

Sincerely, etc.

v. Frankfurter

Fitz-Badger said...

As the Offenbach Tuba Works has been re-tooled to produce ordinance for the League we would be pleased to join in your endeavor for the benefit of both parties.

Looking forward to a productive and mutually beneficial partnership,

your humble servant,
Zurik Fitz-Badger

Frankfurter said...

Now I have to paint those Austrian artillery pieces and the Imex AWI guns ....

Fitz-Badger said...

I only have one big gun painted so far fo the League. I do have some smaller guns waiting to be prepped and painted.

Frankfurter said...

Alas, I've had to delete my last four response ideas ,,,, ethical standards and all that ...