Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mission to Hesse-Homburg

Guiles, Count l'Beauphaup presents his credentials to the court of Hesse-Homburg.

He presents an assortment of premier beverages, including some rare and unobtainable Gallian vintages. Also, of course, he brings a wagon load of the new, improved Frankfurters, bratwurst, and so forth from the new factory in Frankfurt.

He also brings a letter from Hurtshog Stanken Fhartz v. Frankfurter to the effect that as both entities are loyal members of the Empire they would profit by establishing various agreements.
a non-aggression and non-interference pact, as in spite of being putative allies in the greater scheme, on the local level there is a confusion of old relationships and obligations ;
Also standard agreements for equitable treatment and passage of commerce.

Sorry, for the blandness, the bewitching Dame Edith demands my attention ...


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