Thursday, February 21, 2008

Another envoy+ Hesse Fedora

By the hand of a handsome, young, cavalry colonel ...

Given the nonresponsive nature of the court of Hesse-Homburg, Frankszonia is very anxious to determine the diplomatic policies of Hesse Fedora, towards whom Frankszonia has always been favorably inclined.
What Frankszonia needs to know quickly is what is the attitude of Hesse-Fedora viz a vie Gallia, Hesse Seewald, the Imperium, Germania, the Soweiter League, Stagonia, and of course, Frankszonia itself.
Frankszonia is alarmed by the sudden build up of forces in Hesse Homburg, and though we've sought regular assurances from Hesse Homburg, they have apparently spurned our overtures .... Moreover, Frankszonia has little taste for seeing a friend like Hesse Fedora be suddenly consumed by misapplied troops raised by subsidies intended for a totally different conflict.

So, what's to do?

Your friend,
Hurtshog Stanken

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