Sunday, February 17, 2008

David Linienblatt Inducted into Waldrecker Chivalric Order

Friedrich the Fourth, by the Grace of Providence Pfalzgraf von Waldreck, Herr von Dolmen, Defender of the Augsburg Confession et cetera and Sovereign of the Most Noble Order of the Golden Bull, to our Trusty and Well-Beloved

David Linienblatt

We the Sovereign of the said Most Noble Order of the Golden Bull, being desirous of evincing Our Noble Favour by admitting you into the Fellowship thereof by virtue of the Sovereign Power inherent in Us do now by these Presents nominate and so declare you a Knight Companion of Our Most Noble Order of the Golden Bull and do hereby give and grant unto you full power and authority to wear the habit and use the insignia and all other ornaments belonging to Knights Companion of Our said Most Noble Order and to sit in the Stall that shall be assigned unto you in Our Noble Chapel of Saint Francis of Wycombe at Bruttig between this time present and the time when you shall be formally invested and installed in as full and ample a manner as if you had already been so invested and installed.

Given at Our Court at Bruttig under Our Noble Sign Manual and the Great Seal of Our said Most Noble Order this Sixteenth Day of August in the year of Grace 1757: in the twenty-ninth year of Our Rule.

By the Sovereign's Command

[signed, von Hutten]

Chancellor of the Most Noble Order of the Golden Bull
[Great Seal of Waldreck]


Grand Duke of Steglitz said...

here here!

I applaud the appointment of the award and congratulate David for his work

David said...

David Linienblatt is most grateful for this signal mark of honour and will do all in his power to be worthy of it.

Tippelbruder, the 17th day of February 1758.

Fitz-Badger said...

The Soweiter League also applauds David Linienblatt for his work and for this award.
3 cheers for Tippelbruder!

Frankfurter said...

Frankszonia happens to have a warehouse full of excellent quality green cloth ... would your tailors be interested in turning these into good coats for us?

Gen. Oscar Meyer, commander by appt. to the Hurtshog v. Frankfurter ...

MurdocK said...


David said...

Thanks, everyone! :-)

Greetings Herr General Meyer,

What uniform patterns did you have in mind? Have you seen our catalogue of the current designs? :-) It's at:

If you find nothing appropriate there, please let me know if there is another design you would like.


David Linienblatt.