Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hesse-Fedora's view of the Empire and Urope in general

My dear Hurtshog,

As Ambassador Extraordinaire of the Court of Hesse-Fedora, I would like to tell you that our beloved and benevolent Landgraf Bogey wishes only peace and happiness to the brother nations of Urope.

However, despite the Landgraf's legal exercising of the patents granting his family the right of independence from Homburg, the Imperial court in Vienna has declared a Reichsexecution against Hesse-Fedora and provided armies, funds, and a certain General von Blei-Sammeln to the court of Hesse-Homburg.

Under these conditions, our esteemed Landgraf has no other option but to welcome the peace-loving soldiers of Germania and her allies within our borders. If this leads to unpleasantness with our neighbors, and especially those with Gallian tendencies, that is unfortunate.

Oh, look! The Landgraf's new army is assembling for inspection. I must therefore close for now and take my place in the reviewing party.

I am sir, your humble etc etc,

Lorre, Graf
Ambassador Extraordinaire of the Court of Hesse-Fedora


abdul666 said...

Hopefully a talented artist is present at the inspection of Landgraf's new army.

Ed Youngstrom said...

Yes, a certain Herr Coolpix von der Nikon was noted in the crowd!

Ed v. H-F

Ed Youngstrom said...

The first three pics are posted over at

It's late, I'm not a photographer, so all the caveats apply.

More are to come.

Ed v. H-F

Frankfurter said...

private note to
To the Landgraf Bogy von Hesse-Fedora

My Dear Bogey.

This is all quite a chop up, what?
The city syndics insist that we have to have good relations with Homburg, as that Wiener gal and these Gallians might get a bit burdensome if I tried a pre-emptive strike. At the present moment, of course, as a Freistadt of the Reich, Frankszonia has no quarrel with Germania. Unfortunately, the Gallian occupation and rumors of Imperial ambitions will probably end this happy state before long.

So I’m pushing for a non-interference treaty with Hesse Homburg, which means the Gallians can’t co-opt my boys to fight against you, but it also means you can dodge those stinking Cheesers when they ooze down from Limburger in the spring.

On th other hand, it means that you can buy ordinance from the Offenbach foundries and our new foundry when it gets completed., It also means you can accept “volunteers” from some of the soldiers who may be at loose ends now that the Offenbach affair seems to be closed. This may offset the guys who have already sought service with the Princess in Homburg, and who don’t really like me at all.

As I think that a nice confederation of Freistadts might persuade the big bullies to stop using us as their playground, I really hope all the best for you.

Must dash, Dame Edith, our military artist is here tonight.


abdul666 said...

"I'm not a photographer!": you are too modest. Indeed most of the minis are in focus, a precious point that is not always present! Wish I was as good at painting as you are at taking photos.

Your regiments are very good-looking; of course, just makes me all the more eager to discover the next ones (and their 'opposition', object of an equal courtship by Frankzonia -almost a Monte-Cristan attitude / [duplicity?]).

Glad to see you posting again, if that reflects a lightening of the pressures, requirements and bad surprises in 'The Real world™'.

Best wishes,

Ed Youngstrom said...

My Compliments, Stinky,

I think you have found a safe middle road to your destiny. Neither of us can afford to add another antagonist to the list of those arrayed against us.

That Homburg Harridan, Ulrike, has even allowed a pair of Gallian regiments into her territory, so knowing your sausage-fed legions won't be paying us a visit is comforting.

Wish you the best,


P.S. I threw in a couple tickets to the latest show I have produced.
"The Treasure of the Erzgebirge" is a drama examining the effect of greed on the human soul. I think it will be a hit.

P.P.S. You may need to look into your post office. I found a wrapper for your Frankfurters in the envelope, but the delicacies themselves were gone.

Frankfurter said...

I'm thinking of a four way proxy battle here, folks.
Frankszonia takes a stand at Meadowlands against the approaching forces of Limburger ... but the cross roads also lies on the axis of Homburg's offensive against Fedora.
Of course, Stagonian agents all over the field to make everybody suspect everybody else is up to something ....
Who's on first?