Friday, February 8, 2008


Alisona sits on the beach thankfully contemplating her survival. Her galley lies sunk in fifty fanthoms off Shetland - a victim of the shore battery of Von Olsen. Thankfully most of the crew were able to abandon ship and pull for the shore in ship's boats. And so they gather wearily upon the shore,grasping what supplies and weapons they could save.
Alisona raises her eyes to the dunes and sees a party of armed Tradgardland infantry coming towards the soaked and shivering survivors.....


Herzog Ignaz said...

Waldrecker carrier pigeons are justly famed across Europe for their speed and reliability in relaying intelligence of the discovery of nefarious plots to otherwise helpless henchmen.

Inquiries should be directed to:

Herren Luftfahrt und Verrat
9 Voglerstraße
Bruttig, Waldreck

Gallia said...

Narrator: Even I can not explain our character, the mysterious, old peasant woman dressed in torn garments who appears and disapperas in a moment to warn Lady Diana Pettygree of danger. We only know her by the enigmatic name of "That Woman" and so I'll leave it to....
Lady Cherish Masquerade: "Diana! Look outside the window. She is here ahGain.'. What does she portend? What calamity will she warn you about this time?"

Narrrator: Lady Diana Pettygree springs from her couch, throws open the window to her second story apartment at Versailles and peers into the nignt. Below illuminated by moonlight cast upon the grounds covered in newly fallen snow, she once again sees "That Woman." A vision? Reality? What?

Pettygree: "She beckons Cherish but I shan't descend the stairs. The moment I turn my eyes she will be gone as we know so well. I must look to keep her here."

That Woman: "Thee knowest I speak for thee. Your safety is my task though thou doest not apprehend my words or obeyst me. But listen for there is more about which I am tasked this weary, cool and snowy eve."

Masquerade: "She is in earnest Diana. Let us descend though my nerves will not tolerate it."

Pettygree. "No dearest. Musn't. But look Cherish she looks not at me but at thee, I mean you!"

That Woman: "You correctly apprehend me this night my beautiful black mane. [Lady Pettygree has jet black and very long hair.] I speak to thine particular platonic friend. Now hear."

Masquerade: "I can't bear it. I shall look away or retire. Diana YOU listen for me. [Diana holds Cherish firmly by the arm keeping her friend at the window never blinking and never removing her gaze from the orator below.]

That Woman: "Gallantry is needed in the watery north on an isle full of disfavor to rescue one not known to thee. Your Gallantry is needed lest she crosses from one to another."

Masquerade: "I summon courage venerable elder lady who speakest to me to ask who is .... [But shouts come from a nearby gate. The guard is alerted something is amiss. Distant footsteps draw nearer, faster and louder. The ladies above turn to look to identify the cause and then immediately wince. They know....

Pettygree: "She is gone. Oh Cherish!"

Masquerade: "We must decipher her warning. What...?"

Pettygree: "No guards there is no trouble. We are undisturbed and safe. Please resume your duty and patrol. We thank you sincerely for your concern. There is no cause for alarm." [The window is closed and the ladies retire to the couch and a nearby chair to sit in bewildered amazement at this new turn of events. This time "That Woman" has spoken of another. But who is it?

Sergeant of the Guard: "I tell you Henri there was someone there in the snow below this window. I turned for a moment to see if you were close by and returning my gaze here I then saw nothing. Only a moment passed and...."

Henri: "Oui Monsieu l'Sergeant, but there are no tracks nor impressions in the snow."

abdul666 said...

Mysterious... pleasantly mysterious.

Bluebear Jeff said...

Ah, once again my favorite character appears . . . thanks, Bill.

-- Jeff

Gallia said...

Thank you Jeff,
for your interest and encouragement regarding "That Woman."
Sincere Regards,