Friday, August 14, 2009

Diplomatic Affairs

Great Ball last night in the Palace in honour of Countess d'Anis, just returned from a pilgrimage to La Santa Bauma, Mary Magdalene's Holy Cave in Provence.
On her way back to Monte-Cristo the charming Cavenderian ambassador visited the military harbor of Toulon, touring at length the defenses of the town. Given her perfect mastery of the French tongue, the Gardes escorting her (in civilian clothes) did not have to explain why the 'locals' claim the huge naked statue on the main wharf to be that of Amiral de Cuverville.

Some maliciously noticed that the nature of her escapade did not prevent Lady Patronelle and Herr Hermann Geldversteckt of rationalist Herrschaden from spending most of the evening together.


abdul666 said...

Totally off-topic but fascinating and not totally irrelevant to our diplomatic exchanges through the 'Real world™': the "LaceWars · 18th Century Wargaming" Yahoo Group has been transfered to the Age-Restricted Area of Yahoo! Groups: "This area contains material of a mature and adult nature the may not be suitable for younger users. You must be over the age of 18 to access this area of Yahoo! Groups."
Given that afaik no other Yahoo Group devoted to wargaming, 18th C. or otherwise, is so 'protected' by an adult filter, I suppose that it came from the dirty word 'LACE'?

Next time you'll try to sell your Funcken 'The Lace Wars' (and even if you did not inadvertently forget the first 'n') you'll have to post on some secret x-rated part of e-bay (regulars there will be extremely surprised, and probably disappointed, though you'll perhaps make a convert :) :)?).

Re. the 'LW' Group, the 'filter' is not really hindering -you just have to 'click' that you are 18+- and hilarious in a sorry kind of way… On a similar vein but potentially more annoying -even a *real nuisance*: e-mail replies from fellow wargamers automatically labelled 'spam' and sent to the 'junk' folder of the mailbox (and the address of the sender definitively filed 'spammer' in some uncontrolled cybernetic memory?) because the 'subject', along the lines: "RE: your imagi-nation", was judged 'suspicious' by some automaton…Happened recently during an exchange between Monte-Cristo and another country of our "League of Lace Wars Imagi-Nations".

Hopefully the process is automated, but *someone* entered the instructions.

Human stupidity is like the universe: already infinite and yet in constant expansion.

Prinz Geoffrey said...



Yay...Go Hermann!
And it should be noted, that Geldverstect is a renowned 'swordsman'...

We in Der Direktorat have no doubt the good lady was most truly entertained...

Of course, we have heard that Ansbach-Hoffen was a little put-out but too bad, AH just has to get with the programme...