Monday, August 10, 2009

Diplomatic Report from Cavenderia

To: his Majesty Reich Duke Wilhelm of Beerstein
From: His Majesty's most devoted Ambassador General Graf Joffery von Silz
The Royal court has been a vibrant and chaotic place upon news of your near arrival. I and all of Cavenderia look forward to seeing your Majesty. The Prinz, if I may be so bold, had demonstrated notable adjustments to his emotions daily since my arrival. However, upon hearing of his esteemed cousins immanent arrival has been nothing but joyous and exuberant in his pursuits this week.
The Prinz has personnaly inspected every detail of the royal itenerary. Many battalions and garrisons have been called up to provide the utmost security during his Majesties' visit and should prove very relaxing.
The Prinz has told many a tale of your Majesty's exploits at his Uncle's sea manor and has planned a relaxing time there at the conclusion of the trip. So it is with heavy heart that I must relay some disturbig news I have ascertained recently.
In my capacity as diplomat I have heard rumours of Cavenderian privateers attacking Morean vessels and a terrifying coup attempt upon her Royal person, Theofilia. I truly believe no harm will befall Young Basil but have a feeling that Cavenderia may not be as pro-Morea as first thought. I will stay vigilint in my pursuit of information at this time all of this could be only healthy economic coersion. There is one more matter of interest, there seems to be a schedule for two distinct events of important persons visiting on the horizon. Of course, your Majesty and young Basil's visit is certainly spoken of publicly the second visit seems to be of great secrecy and brings an almost euphoric mood upon the Prinz in the brief instances I have overheard the discussion.
We look forward to your arrival,
Your respectful and faithful servant.

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Capt Bill said...

Reich Duke Wilhelm is pleased to hear our trusted Ambassador, General Graf Joffery von Silz, has been so well received. Young King Basil and the entire retinue are excited to be nearing Cavenderia. We are certain our esteemed cousin had taken every precaution to ensure our safety during our long planned visit!