Wednesday, August 19, 2009


There is cause for celebration amoungst many of the subjects of King Phillip I. But for some in the Holy Mormoan Kingdom of New Wales, their King and Church has created the beginings of civil war.
What has caused such strife? Visit the HMKoNW and find out!


abdul666 said...

The solo wargamer dilemma: either to design your first country 's "best enemy" (and become equally attached to it), or have your beloved brainchild torn by a very ugly civil war…
And with a civil war it's not easy to have the two sides in pleasantly different, yet both flattering uniforms. Though a Fronde, a revolt of the High Nobility, is more propitious to glamorously-clad rebels than a popular uprising.

In Monte-Cristo no trouble ever arise from marriage (nor from any Church, for that matter): but the Presipality is a freaky anomaly.


Oh, but abdul666, the Direktors wish to differ with your final comments!

In Der Direktorat aus Herrschaden, marital and religious problems simply do not exist. So, in this regard, the Presipality is not a pure freaky anomoly, but quite in tune with Der Direktorenshelle.

It is also an utter impossibility for us to have a revolt of 'High Nobility', because we dont have any! Nor any glamorously clad rebels - an anathema! Because rebels, (if they even existed), would be serving in our Liebregt.

And such is the popularity of Der Direktorate management of Herrschaden, that an 'uprising' is an utterly alien notion.

Just a few examples that show, we head in the right direction...