Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Murky Mists of Miscellaneous Malfeasance ...

Murky Mists of Miscellaneous Malfeasance ...

A couple of folks have said that they’ve lost track of the various alliances and plots and counter plots in Frankszonia ... but the situation has to be spicy so that the sausage keeps well and doesn’t get too greasy!

Anyway, the first and foremost consideration is the position of the Hurtshog Fahrtz and his court. Bluntly, they’re pro-Frankszonia. Since we’re occupied by the Gallians at the moment ... whose occupation force ranges from five to ten times the number of troops we can raise, we’re perforce Pro-Gallian. Just as in historical Frankfurt, the loyalty of Frankszonia to the Empress depends upon whom is speaking and the situation ....

However, since Frankszonia was originally established as a mini-Prussia copy cat, the story line factored in all those Old Germanian Connections once Bill and der Alte generously decided to admit my humorous side show long ago ... in the pre EvE blog days! So, after some hare raising coup attempts pestered the Gen. Chevert and later the poor Intendant. In addition to the aristocracy based anti-Gallian “resistance” (who are now trying to connect with other anti-Gallian forces such as Hesse-Seewald), one must also consider the republican tendencies of the Merchants Guilds. Even more than the poor Hurtshog, they’re interested in the main chance and the highest bidder.

Now in addition to these factions inside Frankszonia, my gaming had already created the “Cheezers” ... including Limburger, Muenster, etc. Their activities were co-ordinated by the rascally Marquis de Roquefort who seems to have access to some great treasury. At the moment, the Cheezers are definitely on the side of Hesse-Seewald. The original Frankfurter alliance, however, had included the Britischerwurst and Hungover forces. These left our alliance at the outbreak of the Gallian / Seewald war, though we retain friendly correspondence.

Similarly, Frankszonia in the purely small country world had held long friendships with Hesse-Fedora and some other groups which are very pro-Germanian, and equally deep antagonisms with Vile Stagonia and other pro-Gallian local potentates. (Hence the Offenbach and TippleBruder affairs).

So on the outside chance I ever can get to the big games (which this latest hospital episode has thrown into doubt), there’s a Frankszonian Ducal army which would fight stoutly (and has fought stoutly) on behalf of Gallia ... (unless it’s right beside some Vile Stagonian unit, in which case we’d probably concentrate on very cautious maintenance of our position).
There is also a very strong force of infantry and cavalry following several of the emigre officers in the Resistance who would cheerfully fight fanatically against the Gallian gall.... (including those lick spittle petty puppets of the Hurtshog’s court) ....

So, as you can see, it’s all really quite simple. Not at all like the religious currents flowing up and down the Main ....



ColCampbell50 said...

Very clear explanation of your stance. :^) Thanks,


Gallia said...

Hello Arthur,
Monsieur l'Intendant Bastille perhaps may now receive some sympathetic, "...there, theres! It will be better tomorrows...." empathy from the dear readers and sovereigns of EvsE.
It has been fun coordinating characters, developing their personalities and involving them in diplomatic discourse here. Bastille perhaps secretly wishes for a vacation someplace away from his duties at the magazine at Frankfurt Am Main. I don't suppose the Frankzonians would enjoy a temporary substitute by the supposed name of Col. Enigma. For those of you with copies of BAR, he is in the first couple of pages. Key in on his facial features for a clue!
After the dust settles post the 11 Oct. 2008 BIG game hosted by Der Alte at the Lincolnshire, Versailles is in a mood to launch a winter activity in Germania. (We have a game scheduled for 6 December 2008 involving the Ladies Pettygree, Masquerade and de Winter, whomever the latter is or is not. Does she exist? We'll find out with snowy terrain and lots of light troops. A winter festival at Frankfurt Am Main might serve the cause.... Or would another sovereign nearby be interested?
Votre Serviteur,

abdul666 said...

Snow practically never falls on Monte-Cristo, unfortunately...

Frankfurter said...

Louys, if you're able to attend the gala, a word of advice ... don't let Dilbert sell you any "lemon flavored" snow cones!

Meanwhile, Frankfurt does have the facilities to host extremely large diplomatic functions due to its being the traditional site for the coronation of the Emperor and for the big meetings between the Circles.

And we have excellent venison sausage too!