Thursday, September 18, 2008

More "EvE" Format Changes

My Fellow Rulers,

I have made a few more changes to our group blog format. The new format for listing our blogs has been so well received that I've eliminated the duplicate (i.e., original) listing.

Furthermore I have added a list of what I hope are useful links to websites (as opposed to blogs). If you have more to suggest (for I'm sure to have missed many), feel free to do so . . . although I won't guarantee to post all of them . . . I will have to assess their usefulness to all (or at least to me).

One thing that I've hoped for has already occurred . . . some who had not updated their personal blogs for some time have now done so . . . unfortunately that includes those vile Stagonians . . . but we must take some of the bad with the good.

I look forward to reading your posts, so please keep them coming.

-- Jeff the Blog Inhaber


abdul666 said...

Useful links indeed - thanks!

Gallia said...

Thanks a million Jeff,

I think the new format is going to save us a lot of time. Thus when I, I mean Colonel Enigma wants to spy on Hesse Seewald, he can see at a glance if there is something new or not. A great time saver which is terrific.

Who is Col. Enigma? Why do you ask? Never heard of him.

Last night I managed to start a blog. If you want to place a link to it here, if proper for this site, please go to Gallia here and I think it will be there.


Gallia said...

One more thing Jeff!,
Thank you for linking Old Regime Rules too!
Votre Serviteur,

Bluebear Jeff said...


I've added your blog to the "Other Blogs of Interest" since it deals with the Colonial period as opposed to the 18th Century.

By the way, I really like the NW Frontier (I read a lot of Kipling in my youth) so I'm enjoying your photo story very much.

And you are welcome for the BAR link . . . I figured that it would be of interest to many.

-- Jeff