Monday, September 15, 2008

Attention Ye Leaders of Europa

I have this day (with a tip of the tricorn to Steve-the-Wargamer who let me know how to do it) made changes in our list of Imagi-National blogs. You may now note that they are arranged in order of the most recent post . . . hopefully to aid you in learning the latest news.

I did not attempt to re-title any of our blogs . . . nor am I positive that I successfully transferred all of them. For that reason the old list is still on our EvE blog . . . you will find it in darker blue if you scroll down.

You should also find some links to other interesting blogs just below the listing of our Imagi-Nations.

By the way, if I overlooked anyone . . . or if you want me to re-title your blog . . . leave me a comment to that effect . . . or email me at and I'll get to it as soon as I can.

In the meantime, may your little lead soldiers follow your orders with elan; and may your dice roll better than your foe's.

-- Jeff the Inhaber of Emperor vs Elector


abdul666 said...

A very convenient tool - thanks for the initiative!
Of course, since I edit old post rather than add new messages -a very reader unfriendly practice- Monte-Cristo is 'declassed'. I am the single culprit!

abdul666 said...

Liebe Inhaber,

is not Bizercca a country, if not of Urope, at least of ‘our’ avatar of the Multiverse?

As for links to Lace Wars Imagi-Nations not yet members of our brotherhood but maybe deserving to appear among the «Other Blogs of Interest», I’d specially suggest Kopf-Schlager, Neue Sudland and Todos Santos (I try to maintain an exhaustive list on Monte-Cristo).

Warm welcome to Cavenderia - hopefully our number will keep growing!

Frankfurter said...

Again, such dedication!
And very helpful!

Der Alte Fritz said...

That is awesome and very helpful. Now I will know which blogs to visit on a daily basis to catch up with all of the updates.

Capt Bill said...

What a great aid to see who has recently posted something. This will save me a great deal of time. Thanks...Bill