Friday, September 5, 2008

Mission Complete

For eight days Admiral Hopstadt's squadron has sailed back and forth along the coast in search of pirate corsairs. The admiral had sent the agile GRENZER close inshore while the larger ships remained just over the horizon. At first light, the admiral’s patience was rewarded. A corsair was sighted by a sharp eyed lookout in the crows nest. At first the corsair seemed awed by the sight of such magnificent ships, and drew near for a closer inspection. The sight of an Austrian flag did not seem to register as a serious threat. When the EMPRESS fired a shot across the bow of the corsair and ordered her to surrender; the chase was on. The nimble corsair turned to port and headed for the safety of shallow water. The pursuit continued for nearly four hours with the corsair constantly gaining on the larger warships. Just when the pirates thought they would elude their pursuers, the GRENZER came into view blocking their escape route. The GRENZER opened fire with a broadside that dis-masted the corsair and killed almost everyone on deck. The boarding party found the corsair’s captain cowering in the companionway and took him into captivity. The corsair was damaged beyond repair and was set ablaze. The boarding party returned to the GRENZER with nine prisoners. By the time the action had concluded, the EMPRESS and REICH DUKE had arrived on the scene. Admiral Hopstadt ordered all the prisoners transferred to the flag ship. It was then that Admiral Hopstadt realized his mission was completed after only one encounter with the pirates. Providence had delivered Driss Khal-al-Waw Day, scourge of the infidels, into his hands. This Islamic scum would learn that jihad was a two way street. Without the dignity of a Courts-martial or any other judicial proceeding accorded to civilized people, Admiral Hopstadt ordered Driss Khal-al-Waw Dey to be hanged from the yardarm along with his fellow pirates. Before leaving the area of operations, Admiral Hopstadt ordered his squadron close inshore to fire on the pirate's capital of Bizercca. For nearly four hours every gun of the massive warships rained hell upon their enemy. With Bizercca in flames, Admiral Hopstadt ordered his squadron north toward Trieste.


MurdocK said...

what do you use as your 'ocean'?

it looks like a blue carpet with an odd pattern, but I cannot tell for certain.

Capt Bill said...

Murdock, It's a 4'x6'map, seems to be felt with a wave pattern printed on it. I've had it for some time and cannot remember who made it, but I'm sure they are still available. I also have a green map the same size which works well on the dining table. I'll check my gaming mates to see if anyone remember where we got them...Bill