Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Another letter...

To his illustrious magnificence, Brightest Star of the midnight firmament, Darling of the Righteous, Bearer of the Lightning Sword, Discomfiter of the Infidel, so called Lord of the southern isles -Emir Driss Dey of Bizercca, Greetings from the Khalifa of the Mooerish Dominions to his brother in the True Faith!

The day draws near, o Mighty of the Earth, when the true believers shall cast off the yoke of the fish-eating usurpers from across the northern sea! (Lutefisk, I ask you! Truly we have sinned, to have been laid so low as to be made a "protectorate" of such a barbarous rabble! But I digress, cousin.)

What the Almighty hath willed may not be turned aside by the hand of Man, yet the hand of man may serve the cause of righteousness. What aid to our cause may be forthcoming from Bizercca, that the Driss Dey might rightly claim a just share in the spoils of victory? May the answer be swift and positive, if it be the will of the Incomparable.

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