Sunday, March 28, 2010

Welle falls

At the emergency meeting of the Stadtrat in Pappenheim, Baron Wilhelm was speaking

"Gentlemen I have sad news to relate. Welle has just fallen to the French despite the best endeavours of Colonel Von Barner and the limited forces at his disposal. The colonel has fallen back to the heights above Welle, but it is now only a matter of time before the French arrive at the gates of Pappenheim or Sonnenbad or both.

We still have no news of the Austrians, and I am certain our couriers will have delivered request for assistance and they should have been spurred into action by the fall of Bruckewasser."

On a positive note we have received an offer of support from Reich Duke Wilhelm who has offered the assistance of the Beerstein Foreign Legion commanded by Brigadier Sir David Linienblatt."

"I have taken up this gracious offer, but given the distances involved they may not arrive in time. You should also be aware that the Second Battalion of Stummel's Regiment was raised by the Frei Stadt for service in the Legion."

"Finally, Colonel Von Barner will continue to try and delay the advance of the French"


Note Welle is the third city of Frundsberg and lies to the south of the Pidnem hills whereas both Pappenheim (the capital) and Sonnenbad lie to the north.


Frankfurter said...

I suspect that Hillary's Hussars would be willing to cavort ... uh ... be willing to serve with you (after all, I don't have enough figures for them and for the Frangipani Hussars too) ...

Capt Bill said...

Brigadier Sir David Linienblatt has been dispatched. It is hoped his arrival will be a value...