Friday, March 12, 2010

The Duchess Requests...

That any Gentleman who has an interest in the military style would check upon the uniform designs for her new Legion, which are available in the Duchy office.  The designs are now approaching their final form and will be sent to the tailor within the week. Any final insights from the most learned readers is most welcome.


abdul666 said...

Very 'progressive' uniforms, designed for practicability rather than following current fashion: though we are living an Age of Enlightenment the Duchess is still ahead of her time.

If I may, what is the Duchess' first name? Seemingly, Duchesses' Christian names are State secrets: were we ever given that of the Duchess of Saschen-Vindow?
(By the way... this last energetic Lady was born in the Tradgarlander area of cultural influence, but the last we heard she is still living in Stagonia: what will be here future [who will role-play her]?)

East Riding Militia said...

Irma, fondly known as the 'Little Duchess'