Thursday, March 4, 2010

March Forth!

This is the time of year when the snows begin to recede, flowers begin to bloom and our thoughts turn to campaigning.

This is the one day of the year (March 4th) when the day is a "command".  Today is the day that your armies should "march forth" to do battle upon the table top.

Alas, many of us do not have an opponent handy . . . but one of the advantages of our Imagi-Nations is that we have online compatriots who will gladly fight a "proxy battle" for us.

For example, one of us in the UK might have an Imagi-Nation who wishes to fight against an Imagi-Nation whose controller lives in Canada . . . and a gamer in the US might be where a battle is actually played . . . the two combative Imagi-Nations communicating with the US players as to their forces and goals.

The beauty of this is that a 28mm army set up for one set of rules can fight another army in 6mm with a different set of rules in mind . . . and the actual battle could be in 15mm or 40mm or whatever with whatever rules are used locally.

Of course the players fighting this "proxy battle" will want to win for their side . . . and have no preconceived notion of who should win (unless one side is those vile Stagonians, of course).

So . . . who wants to attack who? . . . Who has the means to fight the proxy battle for our fellow Imagi-Nationeers? . . .  Who will follow the orders of the date and March Forth?

Please use the comments (or your own posts) to volunteer.  Let us march to war, gentlemen.  Let us fight!

-- Jeff


Frankfurter said...

Obliviously, I'm willing to do proxy battles ... I've got units sort of like particular Prussian units, units sort of like particular Austrian units, and even the 4th Lorraine from Louis xv ... (my Laurie Anne's).
Also a few British / Hanover imitators.
None painted all that well or accurately, but recognizable in a fuzzy sort of way. LOL

Fire at Will said...

I really enjoyed fighting the Hetzenberg battle as a proxy and recommend it as a serious option.


A J said...

Will kindly volunteered to help out with the Hetzenberg battle and for me it was almost as good as being there. My thanks again to him.

With ever more reliable digital cameras and the internet, photos can be sent to the absent gamer showing the action from several crucial angles. It forms a blow-by-blow action report and a nice souvenir later.

MurdocK said...

I've loads of Horse, Foot and Guns, mostly in Napoleonic uniforms, however the 1806 Prussians and early French I have are all in tricornes.

Bluebear's Tricorne Wars brought out loads more tricornes, I did them mostly as Austrians and Saxons. So there is a good mix of forces available.

I have three sons that are all keen to do 'something' on the tabletop ...

Thinking in a campaign sort of way ~ perhaps the time has come for some Stagonian allies to form?

Capt Bill said...

Beerstein is fully capable of mustering large numbers of troops in Red, Blue, White, Green, Black, or Grey to accommodate any foe. Others have hosted proxy battles for Beerstein providing great enthusiasm and fun. It would be our privilege to return the favor...