Friday, May 8, 2009

Three more units arrive to join the Beerstein Foreign Legion

Two Squadrons of the Republic of Neues Sudland 4th Dragoons arrive in our training area to serve with the Beerstein Foreign Legion. The other two units appear on the Beerstein site. One more light cavalry unit is needed to complete the Beerstein Foreign Legion. Which alley will volunteer?


abdul666 said...

The Beerstein Foreign Legion is growing fast, steadily and more and more colorful (colorful and colourful indeed, under a collection of brilliant flags): compliments!

Hopefully the light cavalrymen will be hussars -they would fit nicely (green, orange and purple-violet are currently missing from the Legion's palette).

The contrast between the multicolored Legion and the black-clad Beerteiners will be striking - but may attract an undue proportion of enemy's attention -and fire- on the Legion. Well, it's a tradition of Foreign Legions to receive the hardest, bloodiest missions, and occasionally to be sacrified...

trailape said...

The Commanding Officer of Princess' Hayley's Hussars is petitioning King Phillip to be allowed to join Bree's Battery in service with the legion.
They wear a predominatly Green Uniform of Saxon Hussar style. If anyone can point me to a template I'd appreciate it.

abdul666 said...

On NBA the 'old' template of 06/2007 is generic, those of 11/2007 are Prussian, those of 02/208 Swedish, those of late 07 - early 08/2008 Russian, Austrian and French... but Saxon?

Capt Bill said...

Does the Princess Hayley's Hussars have a standard?

trailape said...

Well, they do have a small Flag.
I'll post details and pictures of Pricess Hayley's Hussars tonight on my Blog.

Infantry, and some other combat units of the New Wales Army and Militia carry flags called the King's colour and the Regimental Colour, known as 'the Colours'. "Light Horse" (Lancer, Hussars, Light Dragoons etc) carry Guidons - flags smaller than Colours . Artillery units' Guns are considered to be their Colours, and on parade are provided with the same respect. Non-combat units (combat service support corps) do not have Colours, as Colours are battle flags and so are only available to combat units. As a substitute, many have Banners.
Only the "Heavy Cavalry" (Horse, Dragoons and Cuirassers) carry "Standards", (similar to a Infantry "Regimental Colour").