Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Saxe-Bearstein Regiment von Schafbock joins Beerstein Foreign Legion

Furst Bruno von Ursa has offered the newly raised Saxe-Bearstein Regiment von Schafbok (one battalion) for service with the Beerstein Foreign Legion. Colonel von Schafbock, along with the other unit commanders, will be invested into the Order of the Goblet. All of Beerstein awaits these heroes. The infantry and artillery contingents are now up to full strength. Only one light cavalry unit is required to complete the Foreign Legion. A painting of these brave lads will appear when they arrive for duty!


Bluebear Jeff said...

Interestingly enough, it was Colonel Karl von Carling of the Regiment von Carling who was responsible for volunteering Regiment von Schafbock to the Beerstein Foreign Legion.

Both regiments have black facings, although von Carling is a veteran unit with white small clothes and hat tape . . . whereas the newly-raised von Schafbocks have golden small clothes and hat tape.

Reminding Furst Bruno of the Battle Honour that his regiment had won at Wollmitz against the vile Stagonians, Colonel von Carling felt that the uniforms of the raw unit were fancier than his . . . and suggested that they gain experience before they were permitted in the Saxe-Bearstein order of battle.

Furst Bruno (for whatever reason) then offered the unit to Reich Duchy of Beerstein for 'seasoning' (and to keep the peace in his own forces).

It is from such seemingly petty causes that great deeds of diplomacy often spring.

-- Jeff

Capt Bill said...

We are confident that Col von Schafbock will earn enough glory to be able to return to Saxe-Bearstein as a true elite force...

abdul666 said...

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