Thursday, May 7, 2009

Introducing Another Militia Unit!

The Clairmont Regiment

Regimental anecdotes and traditions:

When the Regiment formed in 1726, one of the drummers was a negro boy named Kane, (he was a runaway slave who had been with the Regiment's RSM since fleeing from a Virginian plantation). Whilst on a training march the Regiment stopped near a small lake and observed some Black Swans. Never having seen swans other that the white variety, one of the Soldiers commented that "...them thar geese are as black as Kane".

Drummer Kane rallied the Regiment at Cadbury Hill in 1733, when despite serious wounds stepped forward of the firing line in full view of his faltering regiment and beat the tune "STAND TOO". Suitably inspired, the regiment repulsed the enemy's charged with a devastatling volley and the bayonet, when many thought the regiment was on the verge of breaking into rout. They drove their opposite numbers from the field of battle. The Senior Drummer of the Regiment is always a Black Drummer.

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