Monday, May 11, 2009

Last two units join Beerstein's Foreign Legion

With the arrival of the Frankfurter Bad Rotten Muskytears and the Princess Haley's Hussars from the Holy Mormoan Kingdom of New Wales, the Beerstein Foreign Legion is complete. Each unit commander will be invested into the Beerstein Order of the Goblet. Paintings of the complete Foreign Legion can be seen on the Beerstein site.


abdul666 said...

A glamorous brigade indeed! On the battlefirld, the contrast with the black-clad Beersteiners will be striking.

trailape said...


Frankfurter said...

The Muskytears unit does me proud!
Brought tears to my eyes to see them paraded!
May you have great success with this force!

Soldadets said...

Believe me guys, I love your collective work! In spite of the fact that Andorronia Principality is completely inexistant even in your Imagi-nations world, I admit to be immensely happy to see the unit and nation suggested become into a Imagi-reality!