Sunday, May 3, 2009

Some Eye Candy, anyone?

Some new pictures of troops from the Holy Mormoan Kingdom of New Wales are available for your viewing pleasure at this BLOG.
Below: The Yarra Militia engaging Hostiles


abdul666 said...

Eye candy indeed!

Thanks for sharing,

Frankfurter said...

Yes, some nice work.
Unfortunately, for some reason I had difficulty in posting a comment on the blog ...
Where did you get the figures for the Maiden Guard??

Gallia said...

Please tell me the scale/manufacturer of the tricornerd hat gun crew. They look to be female. I dimly remember a range of female tricorned hat soldiers from someplace. I'm thinking the few female characters on the Germania blog might want a uniform to wear here and there.

Bluebear Jeff said...


Until you get a definitive answer, I'd take a look at Eureka . . . they do women in a number of periods, so it might be them. Also, I believe that trailape is from Australia (which makes Eureka a good guess).

-- Jeff

trailape said...

Yep, EUREKA MINIATURES is where I got the girls from. There is a link to them at my blog.

abdul666 said...

Don't know about their commercial availability, but the Eureka 'female SYW soldiers' are depicted on the 2 forums entries linked as 'Fict: Sandra' on the Monte-cristo blog.

trailape said...

Hi Guys
You can purchase the Girls from Eureka Miniatures.

Frankfurter said...

I've just corresponded with Eureka, and the girls aren't listed on their site because the range isn't ready yet.
But you can get infantry (4 variants) an officer, a drummer, a fifer, and the artillery crew and gun by request.
I'm planning to glom them next month too!