Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sachsen-Wachsenstein Marches off to War

After receiving its marching orders and rendezvous from General Blei-Sammeln, commander of the Imperial Reichsarmee, the Contributory Kreis Regiment from Sachsen-Wachsenstein conducts its final parade before departing the duchy enroute to participate in the Texas Big Battalions game at MilleniumCon on Saturday next (Nov. 15).

[Note: please click on the picture for a larger image.]

You can see the entire departure log at ColCampbell's Barracks .

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Bluebear Jeff said...

Everyone Please Note !!!

"Army" photos, unit by unit, is a really great thing to do . . . and to post on your blog.

Not only do these provide inspiration for the rest of us . . . but they also protect YOU by providing "documentary evidence" of your army in the event some unforeseen event (fire, flood, theft, etc.) might occur.

I encourage everyone to take such photos and to post them on your blogs.

-- Jeff the EvE Inhaber