Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Carpania Marches to War

The army of the Margraviate of Carpania, responding to the call of arms from Elector, marches forth from the capitol of Potzdorf. Led by General der Infanterie Baron von Stuppe, this small, but highly trained force consists of a musketeer battalion, a fusilier battalion, a small converged grenadier battalion, a jager korps, a freikorps company, a small dragoon regiment, and accompanying artillery.

You may view the complete photographic log at ColCampbell's Barracks .

The Army of Carpania has departed Potzdorf. We will next see them at the Texas Big Battalions game at MilleniumCon in Round Rock, Texas on November 15.

The inhabitants of Carpania wish their little lead heroes the best of luck in the coming battle!

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Gallia said...

Viewers should go to tge Carpania blog to see a lot of great photos of the entire force upon its march!
Bill P.