Saturday, November 15, 2008

Monrovia - the Army of the East deploys

Tensions are rising along the border between Wittenberg and Monrovia; fuelled by the deployment of their 'Army of the East' in the province of Lower Belgravia. The Monrovian army assembled at Freilingen for a review before dispersing to their forward positions.

[a full description of the army of the east can be found at]

The Monrovians say that their deployment is in response to the presence of the Wittenberg Boldovian army corps in Upper Belgravia. Both Wittenberg and Monrovia are close to breaking the terms of peace of Witzend; so far neither side has moved any troops within 10miles of the border along the river Oudear, apart from the observations corps and border guards permitted under terms of the treaty.

Gallia, the Imperium and Prussia who forced the implementation of the treaty of Witzend have sent ambassadors to both sides in order try and defuse the situation. Their prime interest is to prevent the disruption of important trade routes.

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Prinz Geoffrey said...

Nice display of Cavalry. We must extend diplomatic overtures and consult our historians as we know little of your country's war.