Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Imperial Sea Lords sends squadron to Dalmatian Coast

Imperial Sea Lord Hoptadt has promoted Capt Needa Morebeer, late of REICH DUKE to Rear Admiral. He is directed to move his flag to the EMPRESS and prepare his squadron for operations against the dreaded Dey along the Dalmatian Coast. His Flag Ship EMPRESS boasts 100 guns, the REICH DUKE, a stately 74 gunner is commanded by Capt Karl Biergarden, the agile 64 gun GRENZER is commanded by Capt Karl von Grapp, and the new commissioned 44 gun HUSSAR is commanded by Capt Wilhelm Slitz. The squadron is to support Prinz Geoffery of Cavenderia and to clear the Adriatic of all Islamic shipping. The Imperial Sea Lord has appealed to the Commander of the British Inshore Squadron not to interfere with fellow Cristian nations against the Muslims.


Prinz Geoffrey said...


Are you physically near Paul so that you guys can play the sea battles in person or will you have to do them via email?

Capt Bill said...

I'm not sure where Paul lives. The last battles we fought were do on the Emperor vs Elector site. I thought it worked brillantly. Scan back through the previous pages and you'll see battles. There were some postings on his Deyticate of Bizerrca site also.

Bluebear Jeff said...

What we have done before is to have third parties (none of the actual participants) fight the actions . . . and it has worked fairly well.

I am not currently able to host such a game (extensive "honey do" tasks need completion before I can game again) besides I don't have any ships other than the "Pirates" ships.

Hmmm, actually I have enough of those somewhere to make it work . . . but I suspect that there are others who can play this out much better than I could anyway.

So who has some ships and the will to run a 'proxy sea battle'?

-- Jeff