Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Frundsberg Dragoons needing employment

Baron Wilhelm is enjoying a glass of fine Frundsberg Apfelwein from an orchard near Sonnenbad..

Flunky: It's the chief auditor sire!

Wilhelm: Very good, send him in, it had better be serious at this time of evening.

Flunky: Von Trapp, sire.

Wilhelm: Well Von Trapp, what is the problem now? It's not electoral irregularities at this late hour is it?

Von Trapp: No sire, the votes are all counted and the boxes sealed, you will be re-elected tomorrow as usual.

Wilhelm: Excellent, so what is the problem?

Von Trapp: I regret that we have found another irregularity in the accounts, sire.

Wilhelm: Not the Stadtsbank!!

Von Trapp: of course not sire, our recent trading agreements have ensured adequate funds, even given the promissory notes drawn on dubious funds in Neue Frundsberg.

Wilhelm: So what has happened?

Von Trapp: It's the recruiting agents, they are out of control. I have found that in addition to the Hussars they have also recruited more dragoons than we have contracted to supply.

Wilhelm: Thank you for this information Von Trapp, please continue your vigilant auditing of the Stadt's affairs. It seems that I need to contact other rulers with an offer they may accept.

The troops in question are the Revell SYW Austrian Dragoons - 4 packets - mint in box

Interested parties should contact Will_McNally at h0tmail dot com


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Bluebear Jeff said...

Attention Stokes! (others as well, of course).