Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Format - EvE Who's Who and What's What - now available

The scribes at the monastery of alt-Wittendorf have been busy under the supervision of Brother James preparing the 3rd Edition of "EvE Who's Who and What's What" to be ready in time for the new year.

The new format "EvE Who's Who and What's What" website is now up and running at:

please check your entries,  use the 'Contact the Editor' under general links group to open the page to use the mailto Email link to submit updates and additions.

Note: the old EvE Who's Who site now displays link to new site (may need to refresh browser to see this), old site can be accessed via a link provided.


Eli Arndt said...

Is this for everyone or those in the meta-campaign?

abdul666 said...

Everyone: there is no formal meta-campaign in 'EvE', the 'diplomatic collective blog' is more of a common dazibao where very member can post 'flashnews' linked to entries of his (not 'her' so far, I'm afraid) own blog, post 'queries / advice needed' and sometimes ask for volunteers to play a 'battle by proxy'.

Best wishes for the New Year to all!

abdul666 said...

Be Brother James be blessed!

Soldadets said...

Link updated at my own blog, thanks a lot!

BragonDorn said...

Best of luck to all you guys. :)

Izzak Grimnebulin said...

The Landgraf of Hesse Cassoulet has permitted me to pass on his deep pleasure of the new edition of who's who and will make arrangements to add our information.
As for PaintPig Dave I will gather and collate said information as soon as I find the bally note book I started fleshing out these ideas and sketches. I knows it's here somewhere.
New site looks good and I asppreciate the work you have put in Tidders, I mean Broother James.