Thursday, December 1, 2011



abdul666 said...

"Swashbuckling" but with 'Pulp adventure' features:
'Le Scorpion' comics series: in French, but warmly recommended to all those enjoying 18th C. 'Pulp' / swashbuckling.
-> Wiki
-> Official site

The masked warrior monks (!) are reminding of the (unwillingly?) funny 'Neo-Nazi Ninja Monks on Amphetamines' of 'Crimsom rivers II'.

Btw, a beautiful interpretation (imho) of an old French song:
'The King had the drums beating,
To greet all these Ladies,
And the first one that he greeted
Abducted Him his soul.
< >
The queen had a bouquet done
Of beautiful flowers of lyse,
And the scent of this bouquet
had Marquise to die.'

Michael Mathews said...

I enjoyed the illustrations and text, unfortunately I first opened it at my Catholic Middle School. Oops! :-)