Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A new look for EvE Whos Who

I've been looking to find a better way of doing EvE Who's Who with more flexibility. Initially I have decided to move it from my own web page space to a Google website format. The advantage of this for me is a better simple GUI editor and site management; also have the facility to add others who can edit the site so we can have other contributors.

I've done an initial trial of the new site, see Will move rest of pages over - when done will let you know;
Feedback please


Jiminho said...


Your EvE: Who's Who & What's What web page looks good to me, it looks well organised and quite pretty. Some form of map would be most useful, the bubble map seems to me to do the job quite well given the overlapping borders.

I presume that the google web site could be as easily edited by outsiders as blogger, etc (ie: it requires the same general extremely basic level of knowledge as blogger?).

Also, are you now taking submissions for various and sundry imagi-nations on the trial site?


A J said...

What Jiminho says. It's a good start. Are you taking submissions for ImagiNations?

Soldadets said...

I like the page new look, please go ahead with the project. About possible improvements, it would be great for each Imagi-Nation's page to somehow show inter-relations with other gamers' Imagi-Nations.

abdul666 said...

Thanks for the involvement working for our community!

Capt Bill said...

Although I have referred to EvsE Who's Who on many occasions,I have always thought this site is not used to it's full potential. It's a great resource when developing plot lines involving our friends and deserves our support. Thanks for all your efforts to keep us updated...

tradgardmastare said...

Looks excellent many thanks for your ongoing hard work.

Soldadets said...

Allan, if any kind of help, or supporting work is needed, please don't hesitate at all and ask me. Thanks for your effort.


tidders said...

The google web site has a reasonable interface similar in some ways to blogger.

I'll transfer over the existing entries to the new website first and then I'll post on EvE when its done - after that I'll be taking new submissions and updates to existing entries.

Perhaps then we can get some extra 'editors' on board.

bye for now

-- Allan