Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A thought...

Good Morning Sirs!

I wondered ,as we approach the end of the year ,I might make a suggestion? I would like to remind the company of EvE that I,for one,including many others I fear, would be interested in seeing the updating of the book "Who's who in Eve" in include entries from our newer memebers and allow older ones to update. Also in order to fully utilse this glorious community could we work upon a grand map so we could once more see our place and those of others in Europa- to aid alliances,invasions,alarms &excursions in the coming year?

Joachim Snagen
University of Uhwerkhausen


Soldadets said...

The more my own Imagi-Nation's characters must travel for alliances, the greater is my need for such an overall support. Not merely a geographical one, but also some basic political guidance --that country my character is about to get in... is it a potential friend or a sure foe? Also, I've often experienced problems at contacting the gamer running a particular Imagi-Nation, if I hadn't a previous knowledge on his personal e-mail.

Some times I've cogitated for a while about the possibility of volunteering for this job, for I believe not to be that bad at manipulating maps with actually simple tools, and have a basic knowledge on HTML that would suffice for handling a database website similar to the currently existing one.

However, I am sincerely doubtful I could actually manage such work simultaneously with my own "Defiant Principality" project and the home-published "Desperta Ferro!" wargaming guides. This is why I have never volunteered so far.

tidders said...

As current holder of the EVE Who's Who baton - I'm quite willing to continue.

I'm always ready to add or update pages just use the 'Email Brother James' link.

The mega map has been considered before (main problem being overlap of areas of imaginary kingdoms) - I currently maintain the orginal 'bubble' map.

I dabbled with a Wiki format but discarded the concept as it was difficult to manage; what about an EVE Facebook setup (just a thought)?

-- Allan

tidders said...

We could use something like Wikidot or similar (free Wiki hosting) - still needs similar amount of work but you invite others to edit etc#

-- Allan