Sunday, January 8, 2012

Proxy games available

Due to a thankfully happy event (my gaming mate's wife is about to have their second child), we're in the dilemma of either halting our Imagi-Nation's campaign for several weeks, or seeking a temporary gaming adversary, or seeking EvE's community help by proxy gaming some of our most recent military encounters.

It also happens that our 13th campaign turn, corresponding to the 2nd week of October 1713, has produced up to three different confrontations. All of them involving a small amount of troops, all different to each other: a field battle between two balanced Horse forces, a street fighting between a town's garrison and its revolted population, and the naval interception of a small convoy by a privateer.

If necessary, I could gather the figures due for gaming the second battle, although most scenario items should be improvised somehow. But I have neither Horse forces or ships enough for the other two. Is anyone needing a scenario for training his generals/admirals skills?

Some more info at this blog posting. Detailed scenario data would be worked out for eventual volunteers, of course.

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MurdocK said...

I have sent in a note on your blog about the OOB and general situation to see if we could have the forces to game it here.