Monday, June 16, 2008

A Voyage across the Water

As the rumours of war swirl across imagi-Europa, certain letters reach courts in western Germania.

The Margrave of Carpania receives news from his cousins in Britannia that the Scottish usurper has won a great victory. Upset at the news, the Margrave decides to send representatives to give aid and succor to the Britannian Army. He directs that his nephew, Siegfried Hapnich (a major in the Carapnian Army), travel to Britannia to offer his sword to his cousin, the King of Britannia. Siegfried is elated at the opportunity and persuades his young friend, Alaistair Campbell, to accompany him. Alaistair, a nephew of the Carpania Scottish mercenary general Seamus Campbell and cousin of the current Duke of Argyll, is more than happy to help fight against the Jacobite usurpers. The two of them, with Siegfried's batman, board ship to journey across the water.

In the meantime, the Duke of Courland receives a letter from certain supporters of the True King imploring him to send a representative to the victorious Scottish forces. He looks for a volunteer and finds his nephew, Count Mikhail Pavlov, very willing to go. Mikhail and his batman also board a ship to carry them across the water.

These five doughty adventurers will soon be making the journey from Mississippi to Illinois to join the respective sides in Der Alte Fritz's Jacobite campaign.

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