Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Going underground...

The crew of the ship "Wild strawberries" have landed upon St Kilda. They have made contact with the islanders and are engaged in matters historical.

Aeneas, along with several officers and men, have been led by an island guide into a stone lined passage dipping steeply into the bowels of the Earth.

There, illuminated by four spluttering torches, Aeneas stumbles upon runes - something he has longed to see all his life...

" So Gentlemen, these runes prove without a shadow of a doubt that our fore bearers lived upon these islands. They came by long ship from our beloved Tradgardland and settled here. In these runes we can read their names carved here for posterity. This is a great day for the Duchy . This is a day when we can add St Kilda to our island family and link these people with Duke Karl Frederick and their true homeland !" announced Aeneas ,his voice overcome with emotion.

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Bluebear Jeff said...

A great photo of runes.

-- Jeff