Friday, March 4, 2011

rats, dinged again

At the end of January, I broke my leg ... and then fell again early in February.
The Doctor has stuck me in this nursing home until the leg heals ... may be a few weeks before I ressurect!
Interrupted a lovely game ... actually three games in one scenario (the assasination attempts at the hunting lodge). I don't know if the Apostate survives or not myself (groan).
This does mean I'm missing the SYW convention in South Bend for sure (*@#%!), alas.
Got to get off before the nurse comes back to her computer!


Fire at Will said...

Get well soon, and hopefully the nurse won't notice your presence on the computer.



Be brave and assured of hope. A rescue awaits with the swift return of health. If thy characters need a safe haven, let them visit Princessin Maria Athenia in Flatsburg. They shall be granted peace and secure surroundings while you recover and stride upon the stage anew.
John M

Gallia said...

Arthur I was beginning to wonder recently if you had gone on a expedition to the Andes. No. I guess not.
Get well soon.

tidders said...

get well soon; enjoy your secret surfing

-- Allan

tradgardmastare said...

Hope you are feeling better very soon. Time to plan some games/background for times ahead. Perhaps also catch up on those books you have meant to read for ages...
very best wishes

Martin said...


Oh my!!! I hope that your recovery is swift and complete. Rest, relax, and recharge.


A J said...

Get well soon! I seem to recall Donald Featherstone has a chapter in one of his books about gaming while recuperating from illness or injury. Maybe someone can dig it out for you.

Bluebear Jeff said...

Arthur, you did NOT have our permission to break your leg . . . and I'm sure that we will NOT give such permission to you.

So you are to heal up fully and quickly and NEVER DO IT AGAIN.

Take care, buddy, and go ahead and flirt with the nurses . . . you won't mean anything by it, but it will get the juices going and help you heal.

-- Jeff

David said...

Very sorry to hear your painful news - definitely not a good start to 2011! Hope you get well and are able to go home ASAP. Good luck!