Sunday, March 27, 2011

New Ambassadors from Syldavia

An Announcement of the Office of the Chancellor, in the Service of
His Royal Majesty, King Stépan II of Syldavia

Stépan II, King of Syldavia, is pleased to announce the appointment of the following noble and meritous Gentlemen to the office of Ambassador and their investment as Knights of the Order of St. Vladimir:

Count Ignatio Hartthröb, who shall present his diplomatic credentials to the Duke of Tradgardland,

Baron Mihailo Milutin, who shall present his diplomatic credentials to the General Council of Tipplebruder,

Ret. Colonel Baron Janos Kerevice, who shall present his diplomatic credentials to the Reichfurst of Bembach-Schönau,

Ret. General Baron Josef Hrzik, who shall present his diplomatic credentials to the Basileios of New Byzantion,

Ret. General Ritter Petr Kotrimanic, who shall present his diplomatic credentials to the Viceroy of Catalonia,

Ritter Paul-Mihailo Pompphrish, who shall present his diplomatic credentials to the Ezerherzog of Hesse-Cassoulet,


Ret. Col. Ritter Ijani Bartolemi, who shall present his diplomatic credentials to the King of St. Maurice.

Upon formal appointment, these officials will depart forthwith to establish their embassies, where they will serve, at the King's pleasure and with the King’s confidence, as the King's spokesmen and witnesses abroad, in the service of the Syldavian homeland. 

Decreed, in the name of King Stépan II

To read the appointment decree in detail and to see the badge of the Order of the Black Pelican, granted to the potentates mentioned above, click  here


Soldadets said...

The General Deputation of Catalonia -institution currently ruling that Principality while our Emperor & King Charles takes a final decision on the Viceroyalty office- is pleased to know the decision of His Royal Majesty King Stépan II.

His Imperial & Royal Majesty Charles VI (III) representatives in the Galatan Confederation [Marquis of Rubí as Viceroy of Majorca, Count of Erill as Viceroy of Sardinia, as well as Lady Elisenda Folch de Cardona, Countess of Prades and an outstanding member of the Catalonian Parliament] will be most honoured to meet General Ritter Petr Kotrimanic at Vienna, where they have been recently summoned by His Imperial & Royal Majesty.

Jiminho said...
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Jiminho said...

Egad - first error of protocol already! A quick look at your website showed the title Viceroy, I somehow missed the General Deputation and Emperor and King parts...

Vienna isn't far at all from Klow, so you should see Ritter Petr Kotrimanic soon enough. He is one of the junior sons of one of Syldavia's oldest and most prominent noble houses, longtime the Dukes of Zeta. He had a long and respectable military career in the Syldavian army, mostly as in the Horse. He is refined and well-educated gentleman capable of speaking several languages, notably German, Italian and Spanish, and a bit a snob (a habit in his family). As desired by the King, this ambassador is smart, observant, and militarily-minded.



pp said...

The Erzherzog is pleased that King Stepan is sending an ambassador to represent Syldavia in his court, and eagerly awaits the arrival of Ritter Pompphrish. Quarters are being prepared for him in the Persian wing of the Royal Palace next to the Wholly Roman Empires Diplomatic envoy who should be with us next week. Her Serene Highness the Erzherzogin is most interested in hearing all about Syldavia.


freecloud said...

We look forward to seeing the Baron Ret. General Baron Josef Hrzik, give us his details so we can paint him up :-)

tradgardmastare said...

We await the arrrival of your ambassador in the Duchy of Tradgardland with keen anticipation.We look forward to showing him the joys of Tradgardland and the forces of Duke Karl Frederick on parade.

Soldadets said...


Might you drop me an e-mail to soldadets [at] wargames [dot] cat ?

(for just a scene suggestion)

Jiminho said...

Hi Soldadets and all,

I'll be happy to send out little bio sketches of these gentlemen to help you get to know them. I'm on the road at the moment and this will have to wait till next week...