Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Erzherzog Sends A Directive

The Paintenpigen has been approached by Pinz Xaver Hansuppen von Hessiansacken (Erzherzog Rudolf's older brother) to consider outfitting the new reform army, and to give indication to the best cut of uniform and accoutrement. 

The nothern districts are thinking Prushain

Newly arrived recruits from Minden

New troops and old are soon to arrive from Minden,  Eurekasburg, Foundarieville and Holgerholm and I have Little enough time to choose the colour of the clothe let alone the cut. Prinz Xaver has bought rough outlines of the Erzherzogs preferrences, still it will be a long process.

Chardonnay like the Gallic or  Fronsay Cut 
 I wonder at the sudden haste after so many years of peaceful neglect? It can be said our troops are very well trained, as can be confirmed by any enemy unfortunate to rub against our troops in foreign service, but numbers have always been minimal and the style aging in appearance, as is the equipment.

Shirazgau would prefer a red
I hear talk of Emperors and Electors, Reich Duchies and Kingdoms, campaigns and wars. Hesse-Cassoulet has always managed to avoid outright war, something must be brewing. The merchants trains from Persia, Turkostan and Venuce are larger better escorted and less frequent, something "must" be brewing to the south.


abdul666 said...

Looking eagerly forward to discover the reformed Army ('New Model Army'?) in its colored glory!

Perhaps of interest for the Heavy Horse from Chardonnay: on another blog I commented to a post showing French-like lilies armories that, according to a 'serious' French amateur historian / heraldrist, the Fleurs de Lys on the French Arms are a later distortion of original *frogs*: not because some repute of frog-eaters, but because the Salian Frank ancestors of Clovis came from a marshy area...
David Linienblatt von Tippelbruder, of NBA fame, was so amused that he sent me quasi-'pean' fields of golden frogs on purple (re. ancient emperors) and green (re. Napoleon -but he choose honeybees) backgrounds.

Izzak Grimnebulin said...

Our brave soldiers do like to go in with cold steel and make the enemy beg, but times are changing, und cousin Fritz said recently that he has his Prushian infantry firing vollies like thors thunder, time Hesse Cassoulet tried these new and ingenious drills.

abdul666 said...

While the Landgraf issues general regulations concerning the uniforms of his army, when it comes to the *cut* he can well allow colonels some freedom to follow local preferences: it would only favour recruitment and esprit de corps.
As for drills, well, what about a competition between the best regiments standing for different approaches?

abdul666 said...

"cousin Fritz said recently that he has his Prushian infantry firing vollies like thors thunder."
Beware, this could be mere propaganda: spreading such rumors may be an inexpensive (if subtle) way to make one's infantry more... deterring.
Besides, 'national temper' may have some importance here: according to Maurice de Saxe, French musketry is most efficient when soldiers are allowed to 'fire at will'. And the Marechal-General also maintains that they are even better wildly charging with cold steel... Maybe there is such 'local' diversity between Hesse-Cassoulet lands / populations?

MurdocK said...

Damn Stagonians.

At it again.