Friday, March 18, 2011

Galatan IR 9 Daughters of Minerva

Lady Elisenda Folc de Cardona's own female battalion has been recently spotted while performing their daily training routine. They are anxiously waiting for an opportunity for demonstrating to the rest of Galatan Nation their fighting will and determination. In the meanwhile, first line commanders are hurrying to take profit from the apparent disagreements recently detected between Hispannia and Gallia.

Pictures of this 15mm regiment have been posted at my painting blog. Also, the corresponding templates have been posted at my Imagi-Nation's 1713 Army webpage.


abdul666 said...

Business-like yet feminine!
Did you chose a mini for Lady Elisenda? Less choice, I fear, in 15mm (Blue Moon / Peter Pig, perhaps with headswapping?) than in 28-30mm for ladies on foot, and not at all for riding ones?

pp said...

Fine body of troops sir, very very fine bodies 8-]


Soldadets said...

Thanks for your appreciations, Sirs. They're actually encouraging, although wish I was better at customizing miniatures... *sigh*

Well, the only way to improve your skills is by practice, isn't it?