Monday, May 24, 2010

With Clive in India


I know that a number of you are interested in the events in India during our 18th century.  As it happens, I am currently reading G. A. Henty's "With Clive in India", which I can recommend.

While it is much of a "boy's own adventure" and very politically incorrect, it does paint a very vivid picture of many of the events of interest to us.  There are a great many battles described . . . many of which might find a place on the table top . . . and it is quite easy reading.

Besides this, you can read it online (or download it) for free, since it and most of Henty's works are available on Project Gutenberg.  An examination of the titles associated with this link will allow you to read other Henty titles of interest.  But for With Clive in India, go here.

-- Jeff


A J said...

Excellent, thanks Jeff.

Monsewer Crapaud said...

Henty's books are really good fun, so long as you ignore the non-PC style of an early 1900s writer.

He also chooses some of the more obscure areas such as Peterborough in Spain (no, not the football club, but the WSS).

I've collected a lot of originals over the years in bookshops; can't remember reading this one- will have to dig it out. Thanks for reminding me of it.