Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Some SYW game photo's

While I haven't been doing much with my Imagi-nation, I have been working on my historical SYW 18mm armies and even managed to get a couple of games going.

There's some more photo's on my blog.


Bluebear Jeff said...


I've changed the words "my blog" at the end of your post into a link to your blog.

Everyone, I don't always catch missing links like this one, so please try to remember to make these links yourselves.

-- Jeff, EvE's Inhaber

Capt Bill said...

Great photos. How did the Russians fare?

abdul666 said...

Great to read from you again, and always good to enjoy 'tricorned' eye-candy, even if 'historical'!

Dal Gavan said...

Thanks for the comments, Gents.

Jeff, thanks for sorting the link.

Bill, the Rizhskiy Horse Grenadiers are building a fierce reputation. In the battle where they're facing the Prussian KR5, they actually routed them and their supporting KR9. Last Saturday they routed the Billerbeck Hussars and pinned a Prussian brigade. The infantry do fairy well, though Novgorodski has a habit of taking heavy casualties.